Better late than never

Christmas photo

Christmas photo 2016

Our Christmas photo after lunch at the Majestic.

Christmas 2015

Our Christmas Day portrait

Emma is a year old

Emma has reached her first birthday.

Here she is playing with some new toys.


I'm a dad

My baby girl

My daughter was born on 18 November 2013 at 09:40 (Malaysia Time).

We just brought her home from the hospital and both mum and baby are doing fine.


Goodbye Google Reader...

...hello Tiny Tiny RSS.

Google in their infinite wisdom (?) decided to can Google Reader - it will get switched off in the next couple of months.

So I had a look around at some alternatives and decided that a nice way to solve this problem would be to run my own web based RSS feed reader on this very server.

Tiny Tiny RSS seems like a nice bit of software and so I'm sticking with that for now.

More on country counts

Still at 67 as the most generous interpretation, I've only landed at 4 of them and not been through immigration, those are:


I've never slept overnight in these 5:

Vatican (not many people do stay a night here though?)

Now wondering what number 68 will be...


Country counts re-visited

So I've now properly been to Taiwan and can update my country counts:

The big total (everywhere I've set foot on) is still 67.

The ones I've 'properly' been to number 63 (minus Kazakhstan, Fiji, Aruba and Qatar).

And I've now been to 52 capital cities (including Taipei).

Most hackery countries

pie chart top hackery countries

I've been running a little experiment for the last couple of weeks. I've been checking when anyone probes the SSH port on my server and then logging the IP and then processing this information using geoiplookup to see which countries are making the most regular probes of that port.

The result is quite surprising.

I never expected Canada to be in the top spot in this list!


Country counts

So I recently hit country number 67 (Brunei), and just before that 66 (Japan). That's going by the CIA World Factbook list at least. There is a more generous list on the Travellers Century Club site and I get 82!

The number 67 is the most generous interpretation, to be fair I've only landed at 5 of them and not been through immigration, those are:


A few I've never spent a night in:



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